Hearts in Everything <3

By Ellie on 2015/02/16 in Photography

It was St. Valentine’s Day this week. You can see a lot of heats in this time of the year everywhere. But you can see them all the time if you want to. And you can see a “heart” in all the everyday objects that you use and love.
Here are mine:

There is definitely a heart in my green gloves with pom-poms that I use during the day in the office when it is cold :-).


I can see a „heart“ in my old wooden cat stapler that I have from my grandma.


My favorite headphones, that, despite everything – still work.


There is something very special in the everyday objects that you use for a long time and that are always with you – my key chain. It looks more like mace and its weight is close to it as well, but I can definitely find the “heart” there :-).


A scarf <3 with foxes, from Ali Express. I have it and wear months despite the fact that chose wrong color when ordering, like a lot. IMG_1871

Another favorite pair of gloves. These on the picture below are so old that I wear then for years and have lost and found those so many times that they have their own history now :-).


A favorite hand watch. Again old and again from a favorite person. And again – with its own history :-).


Greta! Greta is a rag doll that brings a „heart“ with her.


There is a heart in every object and in most healthy things, for example in these raw bars.


And there is definitely a heart in every sewing machine and device. And not only :-).


And the cat, of course. No comment here, the heart is clearly there :-).


I wish you a wonderful week and “hearts” all around!

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