DIY – an Apple Cushion Including a Pattern!

I made those as Christmas decoration, but they are a perfect decoration for your home for all seasons – cushions in the shape of apples :-). These cushions are a quick project, as there is no inner cushion in them. Just sew them and fill them in!


1. Necessary materials for making an apple cushion:


– Fabric, preferably cotton (I use 100% cotton). You will need fabrics in red (green or yellow), it will be great if it is a fabric with small and subtle pattern in some of these colors.
– Silicon granules (or other light and fluffy material for filling the filling), the lighter the better. This way the apple will have beautiful shape.
– a small piece of fabric in green for the leaf and a small piece in brown.
– some wadding for the leaf as it should be flat and not fluffy
– a needle and thread (in the color of the main fabric for the apple) and a sewing machine for more precise and quicker result (you can still use only needle and thread).
– Scissors
– Some pins will be useful as well
– Pattern (as always, you can download it from the link below)
– Pencil and eraser


2. Please, print and cut all the pieces. The Apple shape is in half, so please, make two pieces and then pair them to make the whole apple shape.


3. Draw the apple pattern shape on the wrong side of the fabric with a pencil. The seam allowances are included in the pattern.



4. Cut the shape. Do the same with the other parts. We need two pieces for all cushion parts.


5. Sew the pieces for the leaf (with the right side facing each other) on the wadding. Leave 3-4 cm unsewn to bring out the right side out.


6. Bring out the right side of the pieces out and iron them. Then place the pieces on the apple piece, where you like them to be. You can also make a decorative stitch in the middle of the leaf.


7. Then place the other part of the apple with the right side facing the right side of the first apple piece.


8. Sew along with 0,5 cm seam allowance and just leave 4-5 cm to bring out the right side of the cushion.



9. Bring out the right side of the cushion and fill it in.



10. Close the opening using needle and thread.


And there it is – an apple cushion, that is also very suitable decoration for autumn and Christmas. You can wash it in the washing machine and iron it. You can cake such cushions in any fruit and vegetable’s shape :-).



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