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By Ellie on 2015/05/24 in DIY

Suspenders have become very popular recently. The more you have – the better. There are very expensive and much more affordable options here. The expensive suspenders are with patterned sewing elastic bands and the cheaper alternatives are made of solid colored elastic bands. The more popular types of suspenders are with clips and the more traditional are made for pants that have suspender buttons attached.

I got here a pair of suspenders that are worn out and needed repairing. Instead of just sewing the elastic band in place, I decided to have it replaced with a new a colorful one (the same width).
I also mad new suspenders from scratch in just a few minutes.


Option one 1: renovating old suspenders.

I had:
– suspenders that are 4 cm wide (the elastic band) and needed repairing
– new elastic band (again, 4 cm wide)
– tape measure, scissors, sewing machine, needle and thread


In just a few steps, you can replace the old elastic band with a new one. Just unstitch the metal buckles and clips, as well as the leather piece on the back. You will use all of them.

First, unstitch all the pieces. After that, cut the same number of pieces with the same length from the new elastic band. Mine had two pieces 73 cm long and one piece 25 cm long.
After that, place the metal parts on the same places and sew them. Finally, use the same leather piece for attaching the three pieces of the suspenders. Here are the steps in pictures:




Option 2: make entirely new suspenders:


Necessary materials:
– elastic band (about 170 cm in length which are about 70 inches) and width of your choice. The width of the elastic band should be the same as the width of the metal buckles for suspenders and the metal clips that you will use. In my case they were all 2.5 cm in width (1”)
– thread in a color, matching the elastic bands
– sewing machine (you can just use needle and thread instead)
– a small piece of leather (from an old glove, an old purse or whatever you have) for connecting the three pieces of elastic band on the back of the suspenders
– scissors and a tape measure

The steps are the same:
– cut three pieces from the elastic band. Mine were: two pieces 73 cm long and one piece 25 cm long.
– put the metal buckle and then the clip and then sew the end of the band to the buckle.
– sew all the pieces in place
– cut a small triangle or other shape for connecting the three pieces of the elastic band and sew it.





And our suspenders are ready :-). I hope you like them as they are very easy to make 🙂

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