For the egg covers

By Ellie on 05/04/2012 in Home decoration
Cover / hat, call it whatever you like. There is hardly a specific word for this, but it is the thing that is often put on a boiled egg (mostly soft-boiled), which stands on a stand-cup for egg. You can actually experience this, if you have time for long Sunday breakfast. In practice, these covers are not just an Easter decoration (although you’ll find them in the interior magazines as an advice for the Easter decoration). They are an object that can be used during the whole year. Just when Easter is near, everything connected with cooking, serving and serving of cake and boiled eggs is particularly modern   :-).
First of all, the idea of what will be created should be clarified. What the future lids are going to look like? I usually make a quick scheme. Something like this:
I prepare all the necessary materials, paint schemes on them, do all the pieces and get something like this:
The last phase is the assembling, when from these things above are obtained at least some from the pre-painted things, that often have little in common with the original design, because they have undergone some drastic changes during the process 🙂
Tomorrow (Saturday), I’m going to show you the first surprise from the series, dedicated for the shop’s birthday. Someone is going to win it in a week!


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