A Local Project for a Cleaner Community

Despite the increased focus on hygiene (and the tons of disinfectants that people used during the last couple of months), some dog-owners in our neighborhood still refuse to clean up after their dogs. B and I wanted to change this :-).

We live in Sofia (Bulgaria) and in our community we do have lots of dogs. But there is no public for dog poop bags in our neighborhood. The community definitely needs such a solution and we decided that we might have come up with a working idea.

First, we decided to put notes on the streets with encouraging (shaming?) texts in attempt to change the behavior of the dog owners that do not clean after their dogs. Just a few dog owners are doing all of the “damage”, so we wanted to change the behavior of just a few people.

The second step was to help a bit more by providing the dog owners with dog bags that they may not have with them while walking their dogs in the neighborhood. We wanted the dispensers to look good and to be eco-friendly as well.

After some sketching and thinking, here is the result:

The text on the plate reads: “Thank you for cleaning after your dog, so that we can all live in a cleaner neighbourhood!”.

These beautiful laser-engraved boards were made by a friend of mine (Iveta) that has a studio for laser-engraving. She always participates in my ideas and projects (even in the craziest ones) that include laser engraving. For example, she also made the plastic notes for my bicycle that indicate that there is a pet (my cat :-)) in the bicycle basket.

The plates that we created and placed on the streets are equipped with high quality, beautiful dispensers by my favorite brand Earth-Rated. Best of all, the bags are environment-friendly!

I hope this initiative works and helps the community.

Here are several more pictures:

I hope you like the idea and I will be very happy if you show me the solutions in your community :-).

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