A Touching Story and A Thank You

By Ellie on 04/04/2012 in Textile, Textile Stories
During the last two years, many of the things we have made are for weddings. This happened to be a lot of things, for a lot of weddings. Of course, we make only textile things. I never post pictures of them, because they are something very private. Several days ago, a client of ours came with pictures from her wedding, where we can see something we made for her. This is something really inspiring. I would like to say thank you to the bride, who came personally with the photos, together with delicious pralines and touching words. It is really great to see how the things you made live and fulfill their duties. And it is really a great feeling to understand that these things have made someone happy. Thank you, once again, for the confidence, kind words and most of all – for coming and sharing with us :-).
The order in brief: it was about two birds – a couple which should be placed on the cake. This all happened about a year ago.
Three pictures follow: (I am not the author and unfortunately I cannot write one):
First two are the task, or the thing we should create. The last one is the real cake with the birds we made :-).


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