2/24 „Do It Yourself“ – Wooden Pegs for Decoration Tutorial

By Ellie on 28/11/2014 in Christmas, Free Patterns & Tutorials, Коледа

A very easy and quick to do project that can be used in many different creative projects after that. I often use decorated pegs instead of Christmas toys for decorating a small Christmas tree. I usually use them when wrapping Christmas gifts. My Christmas gifts last year looked this way:


So, let’s start this short tutorial.

Necessary materials:
– wooden pes (I buy them from the local small shops for household goods)
– Felt – all colors that you like and especially pink and brown (for the muffin), some shades of green for the Christmas tree (and some shades of brown), red as well
– Ribbons
– Buttons and beads
– Whatever you like and can find 
– Some colorful rope will be also useful
– Hot glue gun (or double sided mounting tape, something that will keep textile and wood together strongly)


Option 2: you can also buy pre-selected and already prepared decorations and the wooden pegs separately and only attach them to each other


Option 3: You can of course buy the ready decorated pegs and use them for wrapping your gifts as well as for your Christmas craft projects:-)
I used them for another project, see below at the end of the post 🙂


1. Cut some pieces from the green felt, to create the shape of a Christmas tree. Attach the pieces – first the stem and then the upper part of the three to the wooden peg by using the hot glue gun.



2. Use suitable beads to decorate the felt Christmas tree.



3. Use a small piece of textile, for example 5 х10 см in a color and pattern that will suit Santa ;-). Fold in two and sew. This will be a small Santa bag. Sew at the wrong side of the bag and then bring out the right side of the bag. Fill in with cotton or some other filling – silicone granules, batting / wadding etc. Use rope or ribbon to wrap the bag. Again, attach it to the wooden peg by using hot glue gun.




4. Use a small decorative bell, ribbon (best if it is in Christmas colors) and again attach with hot glue gun.



5. Cut two small triangles from felt and attach them with a button and you can have a star 🙂



6. A piece of rough material approx. 5 cm () cм x 10 cm (2” x 4”), fold in two, make two outside seams, fill in and you have another Santa’s bag 🙂



I made 24 different decorated wooden pegs.
If you put a number on each of them (from 1 to 24), you can make an advent calendar :-).
I didn’t mad a photo of the ready calendar, but I used small paper dotted packages and filled them with candies.


The quick option for the decorated pegs would look like this:


Last year’s post for gift wrapping is here: ТУК 🙂


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