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For a relatively short period of time I have made textile cases/sleeves for a variety of different objects (for most of these objects I have not assumed that people need any case :-))). The idea for a camera case (for camera with interchangeable lens :-)) is not mine of course, and I have thought about it a lot of time, before actually doing it. There are hundreds of options for such cases for DSLR equipment online.

I started taking my DSLR camera everywhere with me some time ago, which means additional 1 kg added to the 3 kg computer and a dozens of other things in the bag (at times I do not want to carry two bags, although I would like to take with me another lens). I usually take many things with me and I am not the most careful user at all. The things that I use usually have some signs on them that are definitely showing that they live with me. I was not convinced that someone else will use such case until I shared the idea with someone who I love and who uses almost the same camera as mine :-). Once I realized that such a case will be useful not only to me, making the pattern makes more sense :-). I have made two of these cases so far – (mine is green :-)). I use it for half year now.

I will be happy to share a quick DIY (step by step) for making such a camera case with precise dimensions (eg. Pdf) (I made the pattern for Canon 550D), and in general it should be the same for models from 300D to 600D, and probably with minor modifications to other DSLR cameras.

Here are the cases:

And here it is the case with the camera in it:
What other items would need such a “dress”. We can create one especially for them :-)?

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