Favourite Everyday Items

By Ellie on 2014/07/27 in Photography

Favourite Everyday Items

I generally do not get attached to objects, except those that are related to my work – I cannot live more than several meters away from my computer, my mobile phone and my camera :-). I only hope that in the future producers will be able to produce them from more lightweight materials, as you can imagine they all are not very light :-).

Maybe my keys are also in the category of the objects I cannot live a meter apart, but besides the above, last several months I came into possession of some everyday items that bring lots of good mood with them. Although I do not use them all the time, I like them a lot 🙂

– A lunchbox from a nearby shop, called “Elephant” – I actually bought three different ones, they are so beautiful and in the same time useful – bringing your home-made lunch with you is really wonderful 🙂


– A notebook with flower patterns and other flower patterned tools . This hammer is again from the same shop. And it has 4 screwdrivers in it 🙂




– I got these wristwatches accidentally, I liked them very much, shortly after buying them, I changed their inside mechanisms to make their life longer :-).



– Earmuffs! I actually use these more often than the other objects from the above list. I am not working as a welder, but I often use tools such as electrical disc scissors, that can be very noisy. Furthermore, isolating from the external environment always helps me focus better 🙂


– And another object I use very often – wireless headphones with microphone, they are my favorite for already 3 years 🙂


– Apparently, I also like blue 🙂


– And because we quite often repair things during the last couple of years, we tested so many different tools and instruments to the extent that I already have a favorite, along with dozens of pounds screws, metal corners and all sorts of hardware materials left from our first physical store. The following are my favorite:



– Last year, my cat has a surgery and the doctors have to cut her fur in several places. As she was in the hospital for about 2 days and I couldn’t see her for forty hours, I kept all her fur with me. She got well very quickly and is now fine, and I made an accessory from her fur, this one:


– Industrial perforator! This tool is on top of the favorites list. Life is easier when it is around 🙂


– I use pliers to make the stems of the textile flowers 🙂


– Pencil sharpener. I bought this one when I definitely didn’t need one more of them. I just fel in love with it 🙂



– I got this soldering iron for Christmas two years ago, very useful tool, although I need it rarely. I have a favorite shop here for tools and find a reason to go there every now and then 🙂


– Pliers eyelets


And this case is always with me from nearly a year 🙂



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