Do it yourself – Whirligig for Decoration

By Ellie on 2012/04/24 in DIY
Today I’m going to show you something very easy. You need just 3 minutes to do it. It can be all sizes and can be used for many different purposes. The ones below are small and are for decoration (of a flower pot, garden and etc.).
What do you need:
–       A variety of buttons
–       Felt or similar material that cannot easily bend
–       Needle and thread
       Decorative elements
       Wooden skewers
–       Scissors


Step 1 – cut some squares from the felt (as large as you want), these are about 9 cm.
Step 2 – make some cuttings, as shown.
Step 3 – sew the edges, as shown, decorate and fix on the base.


And voila! You have a decorative whirligig. This technique could be used for making anything you want, for example some whirligig brooches.


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