A Rag Doll in Imaginary World :-) … How to Do it Step-by-Step with .pdf Pattern

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Your imagination is almost everything that you need in order to create a doll that children will love and enjoy playing with. And you will also need some colorful fabrics, a sewing machine, some time and a lot of enthusiasm :-).

I like making rag dolls very much. When we did have a shop long ago, this was my favorite textile item to make. In the past the rag dolls that I made were a bit bigger than the ones in this publication (these dolls here for example).

I made the pattern for a bit smaller dolls for this publication especially. The ready doll is about 30 cm high (around 12″), the previous were twice higher. I hope the pattern is adequate in this smaller version. I wanted the ready doll to be small so that it can “live” in a box, in her “imaginary house”. So those of you that decide to make the same doll, can easily find similar cardboard box that will be the future home of the doll:

So, let’s get started!
Necessary materials:

– fabric in similar to the skin color (for the body of the doll)
– colorful fabric for the doll dress
– yarn for the doll hair
– needle and thread in colors suitable for the mouth and the eyes of the doll. For the eyes you can also use textile marker and iron.
– ribbons
– scissors and needle and thread
– silicone granules or other fluffy filling to fill in the doll
– a box in suitable size for the doll room/house
– the printed pattern that you can download below
– the printed elements for the doll house, if you want to, you can use mine (again, there is a file that you can download below – the link). I used A4 paper labels and printed the elements on the labels, then cut them and placed them on the box.
– sewing machine

Here are the files that you can download:



Here are the next steps:

1. Cut the pieces for the doll. The final pattern has the seam allowances included, when I created it initially they were not inluced, this is why on the pictures the seam allowances are additionally added. You do not need to do that. You need 2 pieces for the doll body and 4 pieces for the legs and arms.

2. Sew the hands and legs two by two. Turn the right side out and fill them with the filling material (in my case silicone granules). Leave them open in the upper part.

3. If there will be filled “ribbon” like accessory on the doll head, cut two pieces, sew along all sides, leaving opening of less than 1″ and fill it in.

4. Sew the body of the doll – the front part to the back part, while placing the already ready arms on their places while sewing the doll body. This will be easier and also much more durable in time compared to sewing the doll arms with needle and thread afterwards.

5. Close the bottom part while adding the legs. When there is a stitch at the legs it is easier for the doll to sit afterwards 🙂

6. Cut and sew the inner pants for the doll.

7. Draw the mouth and the eyes with a pencil and then finish with needle and thread or textile marker and iron them. You can also make cheeks for the doll if the have a special chalk for doll’s cheeks or another suitable material.

8. Place the hair and sew tightly with needle and thread in similar to the yarn color.

9. Cut the pieces for the dress. This particular dress has upper part, sleeves and bottom part.

10. First hem the sleeves, then attach them to the upper part of the dress and after that attach the bottom part. Use ribbons for tying the dress.

11. Put the accessory onto the doll’s head and dress up the doll.

12. Print the illustrations for the house interior and exterior, cut them and place them on the box. You can use paper and paper glue or print them directly on labels size A4. You can also draw directly on the box with a marker if you are brave :-). It depends on the effect that you would like to achieve.

And here is how the ready doll looks in her home, her home that needs some imagination :-).

I very much hope you like the pattern and the project! And I hope this publication is useful for you! The dolls on the picture were made with a special mission 🙂

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