Do It Yourself – House Brooches

By Ellie on 2012/05/09 in Accessories, DIY

As the summer is the season for brooches, I am going to show you more ideas/tutorials these weeks :-).
What do you need:
– some fabrics you like
– needle, thread and/or sewing machine
– a sheet of paper and pen/text marker or something to write
– something to fill in the brooches – eco silicone granules, cotton or kind of batting
– scissors
– safety pins for brooches

1. draw the house pattern, as you like the house to be on paper (a small house max 8-10 cm before sewing)
2. cut the house pieces, roof pieces and forms for doors and windows, prepare some ribbon for the chimney as well
3. first sew the roof
4. then the windows and the doors
5. then sew the front to the back parts, leaving about 3 cm open to turn inside out the house and fill it
6. finally fill the house, close the opening and put the safety pin

And we are ready! These houses are a perfect gift, they can even be made as wedding gifts for the guests. The same idea can have many forms, for example: candies, owls, ship and etc.

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