Laundry Clips Holder Including a Pattern

By Ellie on 2015/07/16 in DIY, Do It Yourself @en, Home decoration, Patterns

I have seen laundry clips holder in many different styles and shapes. It could be very cozy, looking as a doll dress or something similarly cozy 🙂

I like ones with appliques and this time I made house-like and cat-like ones 🙂

Here is what you need:


– two pieces of fabric the size of paper A3 or 4 times paper A4 size
– a sheet of paper size A4
– scissors
– pliers
– zipper (could be done without zipper)
– small hanger
– sewing machine

First fold the A4 paper size in the two upper corners as shown on the picture below, this will be our pattern. Of course you can make the pattern different.


Cut 4 pieses of the pattern shape: 2 from the inner fabric and two from the outer fabric.


Cut one of the inner and one of the outer pieces at the same place where the zipper will be placed. Even if you won’t use a zipper, there have to be a hole for inserting the laundry clips somewhere on the front.


Attach the zipper.


Now we have to assemble the holder. Place the two double pieces with the two outer parts facing each other inside and the two inside pieces on top of them facing their right side out. Open the zipper before sewing. Make a stitch along the hole piece, assembling all pieces together. I used seam allowance of 1 cm (around 0.4″). Just leave a very very small opening on top of the holder to place the hanger inside.




Bring the outer part out and iron it.

Prepare the hanger – I cut mine with the pliers until the shape was a one that worked for my pattern 🙂



And we are ready 🙂


We can make the same holder with the same steps in different shapes, for example a house or a cat 🙂




I hope you like it and make your own 🙂

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