Something different for this blog … DIY “false” trainers

By Ellie on 2012/05/28 in DIY, Textile Stories

Actually, the post is not just for trainers, it is for the materials that ate offered and could be found on the market, but somehow we sometimes do not even think of searching for them. It is about a fabric paper that can be used with the home printer and then can be (and should be) washed and used. Here is how …



I tested with Converse, because I really love this brand (I buy their original ones), but you can make almost everything.

1. Buy yourself a pair of plain trainers (I bought them from Carrefour) :-))

2. Find a beautiful logo with relatively good quality in Internet and have it printed on textile. I used the printable cotton fabric paper for home printers to test it 🙂 – it’s great fun – after printing you should put the newly printed paper in water – I’m not kidding, there is a picture following 🙂

3. Glue it with fabric glue or the material that is used for hemming trousers and voila :-). Converse should start selling Do-IT-Yourself sets for self-finalizing of the desired trainers 🙂

And some pictures of the making of …


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