• Textile Decorative Hot Air Balloon Including a Pattern

    By Ellie on 2015/06/21
    The summer textile home accessories should include hot air balloons … and watermelon :-). These textile hot air balloons do not have any functions, but are cozy :-). And here is how i made them step by step: Necessary materials: – some textiles in colorful patterns (you will need very small quantities and the more colorful the better) – felt […]
  • How to dress up a hanger

    By Ellie on 2012/05/04
    Maybe you’ve seen hangers, covered with fabric. They are often used as a decorative element for some beautiful picture in a magazine. Well, making such hanger cloth is easy :-). Here’s how: What you need: – Fabric for the hanger – 4 times – two pieces for the outside and two for the inside, the inner fabric can be plain […]

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