Калъфки за какво ли не

  • Baskets Dress-up :-)

    By Ellie on 2014/05/05
    The baskets are part of our interior for years. Sometimes they are very useful, sometimes – not that much, but they are always cozy 🙂 These on the pictures below were bought literally 15 years ago. Usually the textile of the ready baskets is not one of high quality or beautiful pattern. This is why I usually change it. I […]
  • How to Make a Textile Fabric Book Cover

    By Ellie on 2014/01/31
    Since I started preparing tutorials with pictures of how to make different textile items, I received many requests for preparing this tutorial. And here it is finally showing how do I make fabric book covers :-). I hope you like it! There could be hundreds of thousands of different styles for these book covers – you can make them with […]

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