• 6/24 DIY Cartoon Christmas Decoration

    By Ellie on 2014/12/07
    A different idea for Christmas decoration and soft toys. I really like things in “cartoon” style and I find the graphic elements in this style adorable, especially when used for everyday life objects. I decided to try and prepare “cartoon” Christmas decoration using cotton fabric in three different colors and textile markers :-). And the result was this: Here’s how […]
  • 5/24 “DIY” Textile Caps (lids) for Jars

    By Ellie on 2014/12/01
    An idea (from an old post), but with new elements :-). If you have lots of jars that are beautiful and cozy and you usually use them to keep things there, then this idea is just for you. You can also use them for presents and “wrap” your gifts there :-). There are tons of ideas here in Internet for […]
  • 4/24 “Do It Yourself” Cupcakes Garland

    By Ellie on 2014/11/30
    Do you like cupcakes? They are everywhere in all kinds of shape and decoration. These here are made of paper and fabric and some rope. And are great for Christmas decoration. So, step by step, how did I made the Christmas cupcake garland? 1. Necessary materials: – Heavy colorful paper (160+ grams). You will actually need very small quantities. :-). […]
  • 2/24 „Do It Yourself“ – Wooden Pegs for Decoration

    By Ellie on 2014/11/28
    A very easy and quick to do project that can be used in many different creative projects after that. I often use decorated pegs instead of Christmas toys for decorating small Christmas tree. I usually use them when wrapping Christmas gifts. My Christmas gifts last year looked this way: So, let’s start  Necessary materials: – wooden pes (here I […]

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