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  • DIY – an Apple Cushion Including a Pattern!

    By Ellie on 2015/09/17
    I made those as Christmas decoration, but they are a perfect decoration for your home for all seasons – cushions in the shape of apples :-). These cushions are a quick project, as there is no inner cushion in them. Just sew them and fill them in! 1. Necessary materials for making an apple cushion: – Fabric, preferably cotton (I […]
  • Laundry Clips Holder Including a Pattern

    By Ellie on 2015/07/16
    I have seen laundry clips holder in many different styles and shapes. It could be very cozy, looking as a doll dress or something similarly cozy 🙂 I like ones with appliques and this time I made house-like and cat-like ones 🙂 Here is what you need: – two pieces of fabric the size of paper A3 or 4 times […]
  • Textile Decorative Hot Air Balloon Including a Pattern

    By Ellie on 2015/06/21
    The summer textile home accessories should include hot air balloons … and watermelon :-). These textile hot air balloons do not have any functions, but are cozy :-). And here is how i made them step by step: Necessary materials: – some textiles in colorful patterns (you will need very small quantities and the more colorful the better) – felt […]
  • 1/24 „DIY“ Small Soft Toys “Apples” Decoration

    By Ellie on 2014/11/28
    These soft toys were part of the „24 Projects for Christmas“ initiative here in the blog, back in 2014th. And this was the first tutorial from the initiative. The small soft apples are very versatile – you ca use them for many different decoration occasions, not only for Christmas. They can be the toys of the rag dolls as well! […]
  • For the egg covers

    By Ellie on 2012/04/05
    Cover / hat, call it whatever you like. There is hardly a specific word for this, but it is the thing that is often put on a boiled egg (mostly soft-boiled), which stands on a stand-cup for egg. You can actually experience this, if you have time for long Sunday breakfast. In practice, these covers are not just an Easter […]
  • Easter coming…

    By Ellie on 2012/04/04
    So, this is a picture of the first egg covers for this Easter. They can be used as puppets as well. In other words – they can be used all year long! The first options are: houses, chickens, owls and rabbits. They will be more, if the time is enough. On the road are pots, dresses, cats and other strange […]

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